AgarSense™ Quad Plate (Box of 10/20)

  • AgarSense™ Quad Plate (Box of 10/20)

AgarSense™ Quad Plate (Box of 10/20)



The AgarSense Quad Plate is a chromogenic culture system that can be used in conjunction with traditional methods to aid in the rapid identification of key bacterial organisms known to cause mastitis in cattle.  

Features 1) blood agar, 2) chromogenic gram positive agar, 3) chromogenic gram negative agar and 4) Vogel and Johnson agar.

Vogel-Johnson agar is a selective medium for the isolation of Staphylococci. Staphylococcus aureus typically produces a black colony surrounded by a yellow zone. Other Staphylococci may produce black colonies however the colour of the media (red) will remain unchanged. 

Up to 3 month expiry! Individually wrapped!

Each box ordered comes with 10 FREE sterile, disposable inoculating loops!

This system is intended for veterinary use only.


 Notes: For Veterinary use only. Used specimens, containers and media plates should be properly disposed in accordance with provincial and local laws. 

Lower pricing available through your Veterinary Purchasing Group!