AliveCor ECG

“I loved the idea of the AliveCor device because of the convenience, speed and ease of use that it appeared to offer, and the fact that the tracings would be digitized. I thought the trade off would be lower-quality ECG tracings. I have been pleased to discover that the AliveCor does indeed give a tracing literally within seconds of reaching for the snap-on device, and that contrary to my concerns, it is as clear and useful as any other ECG tracing I’ve used. I can adjust the height and speed, print,
save as a pdf, email instantly, or view over the internet. I thought the Cornell video might be too good to be true, but it really is as easy as it looks. We see a lot of emergencies and perform large numbers of surgeries, and AliveCor is an amazing tool to help us improve our standards of patient care.” – Linda Jacobson, Toronto Humane Society


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