What is the advantage of the Chromogenic Agar, as seen in the AgarSense Bacteria Bi-Plate and AgarSense Bacteria Tri-Plate?

  • The Chromogenic Agar which is found in both the AgarSense Bacteria Bi-Plate and the AgarSense Bacteria Tri-Plate allows you to quickly identify the bacteria (and/or yeast if using the AgarSense Tri-Plate) by comparing the colour of the culture growth to the Chromogenic Colour Chart. This easy identification allows you to treat for the correct specific bacteria and yeast cultures. With quick results, it is rapidly becoming the preferred culture testing method across Canada. 

What is the difference between the Vet 9 and Vet 10?

  • The Vet 10 has a leukocyte test, the Vet 9 does not. Otherwise they have the same tests.


Why are there two sides to the RW2 Ring Worm Test?

  • One side is DTM, the accepted agar for ring worm testing. The other side is ESA, called an Enhanced Sporulation Agar. This agar allows your spores to grow quicker enabling you to quickly identify your ring worm species.


What am I looking for when I get results on my RW2 Ring Worm Test?

  • You’re looking for simultaneous growth and colour change. There are pH indicators in both mediums that change colour when cultures start to metabolize. The culture growth causes the colour change and therefore you cannot have one without the other when looking for a positive result.


I just received my ECG monitor and it doesn’t seem to sync with the app?

  • Sometimes when you first receive the monitor, the battery may not be all the way in so as to prevent energy drainage. Simply open the hatch on the inside of the monitor, remove the battery and replace it. The monitor should then sync properly.


How do I use the ECG monitor?

  • For a video demonstration, please click the following link here