Introducing the new AgarSense Bi-Plate, AgarSense Tri-Plate and AgarSense Quad Plate!



AgarSense Bi-Plate - Formulated with Blood agar and Chromogenic agar. The Chromogenic Agar supports the growth of a wide range of gram negative and gram positive bacterial cultures, which grow in specific colours for quick and easy identification! Great for presumptive identification of common reproductive tract and urinary tract bacterial pathogens and much more. 

Up to 3 month expiry!


AgarSense Tri-Plate - Formulated with Chromogenic agars. Clear separation between gram positive and gram negative bacterial cultures, and yeast. Great for presumptive identification of bacterial and yeast cultures commonly associated with outer ear infections, urinary tract infections, mastitis and much more.

Up to 6 month expiry!



AgarSense Quad Plate - Formulated with Blood agar, Gram positive selective chromogenic agar, Gram negative selective chromogenic agar and Vogel-Johnson agar (for isolation of Staphylococci). For use as an aid in the rapid identification of key bacterial organisms known to cause mastitis in cattle and various other species. 

Up to 3 month expiry!

The AgarSense culture plates are intended for veterinary use only.

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