Vet-2K, A Diabetic Monitoring Tool

Vet-2K, A Diabetic Monitoring Tool

Dogs and Cats with diabetes can still live long and healthy lives with proper management as well as veterinary care. Although diabetes is more common in older pets, it can also occur in younger or pregnant pets.

 Common signs of diabetes in dogs and cats include:

  • Excessive water drinking and increased urination
  • Weight loss, even though there may be an increased appetite
  • Decreased appetite
  • Cloudy eyes (especially in dogs)
  • Chronic or recurring infections (including skin infections and urinary infections)

The disease is more manageable if it is detected early and managed with the help of a veterinarian. Owners with a diabetic animal need to regularly check their pet’s blood and urine sugar levels. Regular examinations and testing performed by a veterinarian can be supplemented by at-home monitoring of your pet’s blood and urine glucose levels at home. With proper monitoring, treatment, and diet and exercise, diabetic pets can lead long and happy lives. Sensor Health’s Vet-2K is an excellent and efficient tool to assist pet owners in monitoring their furry friends glucose levels through urine collection.


  • Long shelf life
  • 10 individual, single test strips per box
  • Easy to read Urine Dip Stick for in-home detection of Ketone and Glucose
  • Convenient for client take home
  • Can be used as an in-home monitoring measure between visits
  • Allows clients to test and report results prior to major illness
  • Offers personal preventive care for clients
  • Great for Mobile Vets

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